Hello, I’m Lynn. Welcome!

This website has arisen from the publication of my first book: Children, Families and God: Drawing the Generations Together.

I’ve worked for two large churches overseeing everything to do children and their families. I’ve learned loads while doing so and worked with some great people. I’ve been a teacher and studied geography (years ago!) and theology (mid-2000s). I also love speaking, teaching and training on wide and varied issues. I particularly love the inter-church/inter-denominational things I do, for great folks in Alpha, CLAN (New Wine Scotland), Scripture Union, ACTS (Churches Together in Scotland), the Baptist Union - in fact, wherever relationship takes me! In these days God is surely bringing us together.


“Page after page of this excellent book is filled with the testimonies of children, young people and families who have been completely transformed by the love and power of God. These stories are woven together to produce a passionate and articulate advocacy for the church to move in a new way. Lynn is calling on the church to embrace whole family discipleship and so much more. This is a radical departure from a great deal of what is currently happening in children’s, youth and family work within the church.
I believe that this is a prophetic book – there is something here that is a foretelling of what the Lord wants to do in our nation. Lynn boldly lays out a way of thinking and being the church that will enable every generation to find their place within the church’s new awakening. I strongly recommend the reader to take time to read, ponder and weigh what is being said here. There is a way ahead within these pages.”
Alan McWilliam, Church Leader, Whiteinch Church of Scotland and Chairman, CLAN (New Wine Scotland)

“In this book, Lynn clearly guides you through the maze of different ideas and thoughts regarding children and God, using the Bible, others’ revelations, as well as her own experiences, to bring you to a place where, I’m convinced, your spirit will find an excitement about the possibilities which lie before us.
This is a book not only for Children’s Pastors children’s ministry volunteers. It is also not directed to senior pastors, (although every one of them should read it… and process it!), neither is it a parenting book. It’s a book about spirituality, yet it skilfully weaves in practical ideas which we can embrace, as we facilitate environments for God to be God, in our children.
If you’re already sold out to loving and raising children spiritually, this book will encourage you. If you have children but are neutral on spirituality, it will ignite an urgency within you; and even if you have no involvement with children, you will know how to pray.
If you believe that the bride of Christ is made up of every generation, this book is a must!
Enjoy… and Be Blessed!”
Darrin and Daphne Clark, Children’s Pastors – Catch The Fire, Toronto, Canada and Missionaries – Mercy Mandate

“In this book Lynn Alexander provides much needed insights and challenges for the church if we are to effectively engage in mission that sees whole households come to faith, and children come into their full potential in the life of our churches.
This book is thoroughly Biblical and very well researched providing many excellent insights on areas of faith and family especially. Lynn doesn’t hold back any punches but presents the reader with lots of challenges and searching questions that need to be asked in this thought provoking work. Yet at the same time Lynn serves up an abundance of helpful and practical ideas and suggestions which come from her own years of experiences – experience that has born good fruit and enabled her to work through some tough questions and find some answers that can point us in a good direction.”
Steven Anderson, Director, Healing Rooms Scotland

“This book is a must for all who are involved in work with children and families. Lynn writes to us in a compelling, passionate and ultimately prophetic way as she challenges us all to pay attention to how we can better help children and families encounter Christ, and then go on to be discipled. With a deep understanding of the spirituality of children, the image of God that they carry within them, and the need for the church to reconsider how best to awaken and bring to fruition the spirituality of children, this is a must read for all who want to see the miracle of new life in children and families and in local churches.”
Mark Bailey – Lead Pastor Trinity Cheltenham, Regional Director New Wine Central South West.

“If the things that Lynn is saying are true then as a pastor I am both comforted and challenged as I think of the possible shape of church to come. I happen to be convinced that what you will read in the following pages is indeed true for its main themes accurately reflect the Scripture’s teaching about the spirituality of children. 30 years of pastoral experience and more years than that of reading the bible have convinced me that Lynn places her feet in the right starting blocks in this fast paced and energetically researched book as she poses the question, “Do you believe children are born with an ability to connect with God?”
This book not only examines that question but allows it to search church life and practice. It is precisely this searchlight quality of truth that comes from God that brings both the comfort and the challenge. Please receive both fully as they come to you from the heart of someone who more than most people I know carries the heart of God for both children and the church. Read it and respond to it with the help of God’s Spirit, for I believe it is with the help of God’s Spirit that it has been written.”
Rev. Kenny Borthwick, Holy Trinity Church of Scotland, Wester Hailes, Edinburgh

“Lynn Alexander writes with the same infectious passion that she exhibits throughout her ministry. This is a book that will both challenge and move you. It has its foundation in robust theological and biblical reflection and builds on that to bring our practice under scrutiny. It draws on the best thinking about ministry with children and families but also throws fresh light on a biblical understanding of family and community. Throughout, Lynn is able to illuminate the principles from her own experience, using real life examples of children and families coming to know and experience God.
And it is here that the book brings its greatest challenge; can we help children not just to be informed about God but to experience him and serve him? And in the process this will not be one way traffic; we have much to learn from children and their trusting response to their heavenly Father. Here is a book that calls us to review our attitudes and our practice; that makes the book a less than comfortable read. But there is not just critique; the book is full of helpful guidance. We have much to thank Lynn for in producing such a stimulating, practical and envisioning work.”
Andy Bathgate – Chief Executive, Scripture Union Scotland

“This book will impact you. I have known Lynn for all of her Christian life and have seen the Lord lead her and work through her in powerful ways. Most of all I have been challenged by her enthusiastic passion for Jesus, her absolute conviction about children’s spirituality and her desire to see genuine intergenerational community being lived out in the church in the west today.
This is not a quiet book about theories of working with children, although there is a lot of research and plenty practical help, but its truths have been hammered out on the anvil of the experience of working with children, parents and other leaders. As a pastor of many years I wish I had seen it a long time ago. Parts of it have challenged me profoundly and I believe you will be challenged too. Most of all, you will be encouraged to help the church “get ready” for what is to come.”
Rev Edwin H Gunn – retired Senior Pastor of Queens Park Baptist Church, Glasgow

“Occasionally a book comes along that combines insight, information and inspiration. This title by Lynn Alexander is such a book. It is written in a very accessible style that at the same time does not compromise on scholarship. Lynn somehow manages to set out her case in a manner that is both reasonable and inspirational. Personal stories are blended with serious theology and practical application to produce a prophetic take on the state of children’s and family ministry today and outline some potential ways forward for the future. There is so much good material within these pages: the book is worth buying just for the chapters entitled “Families in the Old Testament” and “Families in the New Testament”. Lynn has done the whole church a real service with her work. Buy the book – but be warned, you might want to work with children when you’ve finished reading it!”
James Glass, Senior Minister, Glasgow Elim Church

“As we have worked with many churches to help them develop a discipleship culture, we have found that children are often treated as an afterthought. In this excellent book Lynn brings a timely challenge to put young people at the centre of life-on-life communities reaching out to others. This is an important book and I believe it is an authentic message from God to our generation.”
Revd Canon Paul Maconochie, Baptist Minister, Senior Team leader, Network Church Sheffield

As the mother of a young child, I am thrilled to see Lynn’s compelling thoughts on children’s spirituality and the faith journey that adults can go on together. This is an insightful and practical book.
Bonnie Yule – Kuehne, UK Development Director, Alpha International